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Clem Racing, Inc is supported by many companies and individuals that help make things happen on and off the track. Our success is dedicated to these people.

Dear potential sponsor, Automobile racing has become America’s largest spectator sport in terms of attendance. On any Friday or Saturday night from February to October, it is normal to see 3,000 to 5,000 fans attending their local speedway and on some occasion even more.  This growing form of entertainment can provide many ways to promote a sponsors’ brand awareness, product, or attract attention to their business.

We offer sponsor promotions that include meeting the team and being able to see the race car up close at the sponsor’s place of business. Handing out autographed pictures for fans at the track will identify the sponsor with the driver and create that important connection that will have tremendous value for many years. Having team uniforms and well prepared hauler with team logos will show commitment and pride for the endorsed products or services. Many other promotional opportunities are available to benefit the sponsor of our race team. We are fully prepared and eager to continue our full time race team status. We strongly believe in Tyler's abilities as a driver and spokes person. Tyler's age, appearance and personality will greatly benefit any sponsors activities. Contact Us to join our winning team.